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Artisan Craft Expo
Indalo Gallery and Studio
Lorena Angulo
Terry Kovalcik

Where will you be on July 10th?

Metal Clay Today will be there and so will many of your favorite artists,
Janet Alexander, Katie Baum,
Lorrene Baum-Davis,
Martha and Ed Biggar,
Pam East, Patrik Kusek, Donna Lewis, Lisa Pavelka, Lyle Rayfield,
Louise Shadonix, Carrie Story and many more.

Amongst the many gifted instructors is this humble correspondent, Tes Shea. Grateful to having been given an opportunity to teach at the Artisan Expo. I'll be teaching Online Artistry -establishing your online presence.

We look forward to seeing you there! Stop by our booth and say hello.

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