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Fall 2017 Edition is now online!

Dear Metal Clay Friends,

Welcome to Fall! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, night is falling earlier, and, even here in California, we are having a few crisp days. What better time of year to hunker down in front of a nice, toasty kiln?

In this issue, we are featuring two articles that feature elements of enameling: Marianne Goodall’s article on setting your enamels, and Linda Kay-Moses’ necklace that adds color to some components with enamels. We hope that these two articles will help give you some inspiration for your own exploration of enamels, and that you’ll enter our Enamel Contest. We’ve extended the deadline to October 15, so there is still time!

We’re saying goodbye to long-time columnist, Steve Rossman this month. Steve was one of our earliest contributors, and he has taught us so much about making our jewelry photography shine. We’ll miss you, Steve!

This will also be my last issue as Senior Editor of Metal Clay Today. My new studio, Creator Haven, is demanding more and more time, so I’ve made the difficult decision to step down. It’s been a joy working with Tes and Brandy and all the talented contributors to this, the only magazine dedicated to all things Metal Clay. I hope to pop in now and then with an article! Tes Shea will be stepping back up as editor.

Metal Clay Today has always been a labor of love by members of our community, for members of our community. Please drop Tes a line at if you would like to support us by submitting an article, how-to, or a photo for our gallery.

Keep claying!

Pat Evans

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