Metal Clay Today

is devoted to the metal clay artist media. Metal Clay Today is an e-zine devoted to giving recognition, encouragement and a voice to the many gifted artisans, teachers and enthusiasts in the metal clay world.

Published quarterly, inside the covers you’ll discover step-by-steps, inspiration, informative articles and more.



Metal Clay Today Summer 2019 e-magazine is full of fabulous step-by-steps, articles, contests and product reviews! Metal Clay Today is especially created for metal clay enthusiasts everywhere!

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Summer 2019 Metal Clay Today Edition


Metal Clay Today is your resource for all things metal clay, published quarterly as an e-magazine.  Inside the covers you’ll discover step-by-steps, inspiration, informative articles and more. Become a Premier Subscriber and you’ll receive each edition in your inbox every time a new edition is published.

Contributing Artists

Are you passionate about metal clay?  Do you like to write?  Join the many other talented contributing artists to Metal Clay Today.  We love working with new artists, seasoned artists and everyone in between skills.  Work only with one brand of metal clay?  No problem, Metal Clay Today is brand neutral.  Isn’t it time you shared your talent with the metal clay community?  

 Artists who write for Metal Clay Today have the opportunity to be read by other metal clay enthusiasts around the globe, will receive a small stipend,  half page ad and more.  Click here to find out more about becoming a contributing artist. So why are you waiting to contact Tes at

Instructors’ Network

Membership in the Instructors Network is open to every instructor, regardless of educational degrees attained.  If you are certificated, trained apprentice or earned your masters degree we hope you’ll join us.

As a membership site, our goal is to provide a personalized directory page (which you can update as needed), calendar of upcoming workshops and classes, speakers bureau, forum, resource library, and a shop for selling your digital products and services.