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OPEN CALL for Metal Clay Artists and Writers, all levels and interests.

Metal Clay Today is pleased to announce an Artists Call for Metal Clay Artists and enthusiasts for inclusion in the Next Edition of Metal Clay Today online magazine.

The Mission of Metal Clay Today is to be your voice in the very creative community of artists, artisans and metal clay devotees. Metal Clay Today is a forum open to the sharing of ideas and techniques…a meeting place for the widely diverse ranks of metal clay enthusiasts.

We invite you to submit projects, photos, articles, ideas, tips and tricks…and encourage your questions, suggestions, and requests for information. In each issue we will spotlight an established artist, a new “Rising Star,” and informative articles on working with our favorite medium, Metal Clay.

If you have an article about any of the metal clays that you believe will be of interest to our readers, or know of a new Rising Star, send inquiries to

Artists whose articles are selected will receive free advertising for a year in the magazine, a page at Metal Clay Today to showcase your work and a link to your online destination. See the Writer's Guidelines tab for additional information.



We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas, suggestions for articles, tutorials or just show off your latest creation!

There are a few things you should be aware of before you submit your proposals.

Types of articles you maybe interested in submitting:

  • Tutorials based on any metal or glass clay.
  • Mixed media tutorials which includes metal clay.
  • Art as a business.
  • Book or product reviews.
  • Be a guest Blogger

Articles and Proposals should be sent to

Dates for submission are:

  • Spring Edition:  February 1
  • Summer Edition:  May 1
  • Fall Edition:  August 1
  • Winter Edition:  November 1

Payment is made in the form of goodwill and advertisement. All contributing artists receive a free quarter page ad for (1) year in the magazine, linked to your web address, an artist’s page at the Metal Clay Today website, and a certificate and emblem for your professional or personal use.

We would like to receive your article at least 6 weeks before the magazine comes out. This gives us time for all of the things that happen behind the scenes. We try to stay flexible and will work with you, should you need additional time.

As a contributing artist, you should be aware that our readers are encouraged to reprint, use and share without cost, any information contained within the magazine. Our subscribers are also reminded to respect your intellectual property and copyrights.

We assume by your submitting an article for publication with Metal Clay Today, that you are giving us exclusive rights to publish it and have the legal rights to the materials. All materials submitted by you remain your intellectual property and may be used in whatever fashion you desire after it is published in Metal Clay Today.

Occassionally, articles, step-by-steps are edited for space or grammar consideration.

We’re hopeful that you will become a part of this ever-growing list of contributing artists. Contact us with your questions, concerns or for specifications regarding submissions, such as length, format, etc.

Want to be a Contributing Artist?

Send your ideas for articles, step-by-steps guides, tutorials, tips n tricks or photos for the Gallery to with your name, email, and phone number.

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Nominate an Artist as a Featured Artist or Rising Star.

Send an email with the artists name, reason for nominating, their website or other online destination and state whether you are recommending him or her to be a Featured Artist or Rising Star.

Please include your name, email and phone number with your recommendation.

Featured Artists are Artists who have accomplished a high level of expertise working with Metal Clay.
Rising Stars are Metal Clay Artist who you believe are Shooting Stars in the Metal Clay World.