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Clayers Club

The clayers Club has become Sendowl

Now all Premier Subscribers will be able to download the new editions using SendOwl.

about the change

Why did we change?

Adobe's Business Catalyst website service is going out of business.
We had already been looking for a more secure system with the speed of delivery that the Clayer's Club lacked when Adobe made the announcement.

How to access your subscription

Members of the Clayer's Club, have had their subscriptions moved to the new SendOwl System. You should have received an email explaining the transistion. All of the information for accessing your Premier Subscription is contained in the original email sent to you when you subscribe.

Don't remember where you placed the email? No worries, just ask for a copy of the original email.

When does my subscription Expire?

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Recurring subscriptions

Need to find out what day your subscription will be automatically renewing? Log in to your PayPal account. Navigate to Profile & Settings, My Money, Manage Automatic Payments.

downloading past editions

Login to your SendOwl account to access all the wonderful editions waiting to inspire your creativity.
Please note, you must claim your account from your original download link to be able to login to SendOwl.

become a premier subscriber

Check it out! Inside each edition you'll find step-by-step tutorials on working with metal clay. Inspiration from around the globe. And get an opportunity to learn from some of the best metal clay instructors without leaving the comfort of your studio. Subscriptions are available as recurring or non-recurring annual subscriptions at $19.95.