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Contributing Artists

Become a Contributing Artist

Interested in becoming a Contributing Artist?

Send your articles, step-by-steps tutorials, tips n tricks ideas to Senior Editor, Tes Shea at editor@metalclaytoday.com be sure to include your name, email, and phone number.


All contributing artists receive;

$25.00 stipend, free half page ad linked to your web address,a jpg emblem for use on your website, opportunity to be a member of the Metal Clay Today Affiliate program and coupons to give to your family, friends and students for one free copy! 

Guidelines for Submission

Submit your artist’s biography and a current photograph of yourself with your article.

Please send photos as pdfs, tiffs or jpegs, and include any photo captions or credits if needed.

All photographs submitted should be a minimum of 4×6 300 ppi.

Include your contact information including mailing address and phone. Only contact information to be included in the article and website will be your website, email and other online destinations.

Metal Clay Today publishing schedule:

Spring Issue: April
Summer Issue: July
Fall Issue: October
Winter Issue: January

Dates for Article Submissions:
Spring Issue: March 1
Summer Issue: June 1
Fall Issue: September 1
Winter Issue: December 1

Step-by-Step Tutorials

There are no limitations on the types and brands of metal clay used.

Articles should be submitted as Word or Word Perfect documents using a Times New Roman or Arial font, 10 or 12 pt with only one space between sentences. If prepared on a MAC please save as a word document.

State all materials and sources used within the tutorial at the beginning of your article.

All photographs should be taken using a landscape (horizontal) format, without altering the position of the camera if possible. Items show up best on a plain light background. Be sure to turn off the auto date on your camera. Do not crop photos. Photo formats should be stand-alone pdfs, tiffs, or jpgs, 300 ppi and a minimum of 4”x 6”.

When submitting a tutorial, It is vital to connect each photo to the text that describes it. Please number each step and use that number in the name of the corresponding photo.

A glamour shot of the finished project should be submitted with the article.

A video or link to a video which demonstrates your technique for inclusion in the article is an option.

Video Tutorials Wanted

 Another way to contribute is with a video tutorial. Video artists will receive the same benefits as contributing artists who write.

Videos must be the artists original work and not been published online earlier.  Videos will be kept at the Metal Clay Today You Tube Channel.

Sending your documents

To send your photos, article and bio to Metal Clay Today, we recommend ‘Dropbox’, a free program for file sharing, or email to us using the link below..

If you already use Dropbox, then you know it’s as easy as creating a folder and sharing it with us using the email editor@metalclaytoday.com.

Email your documents

Instructors’ Network

Free to all Metal Clay Today subscribers.  Visit http://instructors.network/ for more information.

Show off your amazing creations!

Inspiration wanted! We’re looking for artists willing to share photos of their most recent creations to inspire and motive the readers of Metal Clay Today. Click on the upload link to email photos of your dazzling creations and give us permission to share them. Tell us about the piece, contact information to be shared, and the title.

Contributing Artists 

Winter 2017-2018 Edition

Lisa Pavelka –  Featured Artist

Brandy Boyd – Champlevé and Basse-Taille

Colleen White – Just Hanging Around

Dawn Vizzi-DiGesare – Signature Tags – Every Piece Tells a Story

Jennifer Gastelum – Studio Essentials – Iced Enamels® & Iced Resin®

Lyle Rayfield – Mini Books

Marianne Goodell – Vessels, Amulets & Keepers of Treasures

Ed & Martha Biggar – Classroom Expectations

Tania Marzuca Rivero – First Art Clay Silver Jewelry Exhibition in Mexico

What to do now?

We’re hopeful that you will become a part of this ever-growing list of contributing artists. Contact us with your questions, concerns or for specifications regarding submissions, such as length, format, etc.

Contact us today!

Important Editor’s note:

All submissions must be the original intellectual property of the writer. If you submit an article for publication, we assume you are giving us the exclusive rights to publish it. All materials submitted remain your property and may be shared with family, friends and students, however, we request you refrain from publishing it online in any form.

Articles, step-by-steps are edited for space or grammar consideration.