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Contributing Artists 2014
Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Winter 2014
Jackie Truty Michela Verani  
Trude Spillane Melody Pierson    
Rene Aguilar MariaElena Baca    
Ed & Martha Biggar Brenda Branson    
Carolyn Bray Jennifer Gastelum    
Jennifer Gastelum Linda Gustafsson    
Steve Rossman Lori Phillips    
Louise Shadonix Louise Shadonix    
  Steve Rossman    
  Arli Wolfson    

Contributing Artists 2013
Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Fall 2013 Winter 2013
erin l. meharg harris Michael Marx   Steve Rossman
Monique Perry Linda Stiles Smith   Janice Abarbanel
Janet Alexander Sara Jayne Cole   Rene Aguilar
Ed & Martha Biggar Alex Daini   Jen Bethmann
Jennifer Gastelum Jennifer Gastelum   Melody Pierson
Paula Radke Steve Rossman    
Steve Rossman Tes Shea    
Louise Shadonix Arli Wolfson    

Contributing Artists 2012
Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012 Winter 2012
Julia Rai Tim McCreight Inge Verbruggen
Sheila Schwede Linda Jean Kim Page
Caroline Bray Rene Aguilar Holly Gage
Lori Delisle MariaElena Baca Teresa Mahler
Cristine Grimm Lori Delisle Alcina Nolley
Gabrielle Lessard Barbara Hance Steve Rossman
Tim McCreight Michelle Loon Louise Shadonix
Lori Phillips Teresa Mahler Linda Stiles Smith
Steve Rossman Lori Phillips  
Carl Spunde Steve Rossman  
Carrie Story Tes Shea  
Monica Weber-Butler Carrie Story    
  Meropi Toumbas    

Contributing Artists 2011
Spring 2011 Summer 2011 Fall 2011 Winter 2011
Jonna Faulkner Cindy Pankopf Carol Douglas Christi Anderson
Glenda Skarie Jennifer Bethmann Jeri Keil Candace Steppes
Rene Aguilar Joy Funnell Lori Delisle Jen Bethmann
Lori Delisle Denise Lawn Joy Funnell Lori Delisle
Geneva Perkins Stanley & Heather Micallef Michelle Loon Melody Pierson
Lori Phillips Dana Lea Peters Lori Phillips Steve Rossman
Melody Pierson Steve Rossman Robin Ragsdale Louise Shadonix
Steve Rossman Wanaree Tanner Steve Rossman Wanaree Tanner
Tes Shea Arli Wolfson Sheila Schwede Micheala Veroni
Tracy Spurgin   Colleen White  
Linda Stiles-Smith      
Dyanne Welch      
Arli Wolfson      

Contributing Artists 2010
Spring 2010 Summer 2010 Fall 2010 Winter 2010
Lorena Angulo Holly Gage Lesley Messam Terry Kovalic
Michelle Loon Gale Schlagel MariaElena Baca Ron Taylor
Pam Annesley Sara Jayne Cole Rene Aguilar Rene Aguilar
Carol Babineau Lori Delisle Bernadette Denoux Nancy Celeste
Lori Delisle Nancy Garber Lori Delilse Lori Delisle
Patricia Evans Joy Funnell Dragon Glass Carol Faith
Barbara Hance Melodie Owen Holly Gage Joy Funnell
Lori Phillips Lori Phillips Glenda Skarie Barbara Hance
Gale Schlagel Ann Rosier Cindy D. Long Patrik Kusek
Linda Stiles Smith Steve Rossman Judy Polinsky Cindy Lougee
Ron Taylor Michael Shea Lori Phillips Lori Phillips
Michela Verani Anna Siivonen Tammy Powley Alison Reid
Colleen Wilson Glenda Skarie Steve Rossman Steve Rossman
Arli Wolfson Linda Stiles Smith Diane Sepanski Mike Shea
  Dyanne Welch Tes Shea Tes Shea
  Arli Wolfson Arli Wolfson Anna Siivonen
      Glenda Skarie
      Stacy Smith
      Linda Stiles-Smith
      Michela Verani
      Arli Wolfson

Contributing Artists 2009
  Fall 2009 Winter 2009  
  Hadar Jacobson Alexandra Daini  
  Michela Verani Vickie Hallmark  
  Lori Delisle Lori Delisle  
  Lisa Dienst-Thomas Patricia Evans  
  Patricia Evans Gail Moriarty  
  Lori Phillips patsy monk  
  Linda Stiles Smith Lori Phillips  
  Arli Wolfson Ann Rosier  
    Linda Stiles Smith  
    Michela Verani  
    Arli Wolfson  


Become a Contributing Artist or nominate a Featured Artist or Rising Star!

Contributing artist:

Send your articles, step-by-steps tutorials, tips n tricks by click on the "Submit your article HERE" button or email with your name, email, and phone number.

To nominate a Featured Artist or Rising Star:

Send an email with the artists name, reason for nominating, their website or other online destination and state whether you are recommending him or her to be a Featured Artist or Rising Star. Please include your name, email and phone number with your recommendation.

Featured Artists are Artists who have accomplished a high level of expertise working with Metal Clay. Rising Stars are Metal Clay Artist who you believe are Shooting Stars in the Metal Clay World.

Writer's Guidelines

We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions for articles and tutorials. There are a few things you should be know before you submit your proposals.

All contributing artists receive a $25.00 stipend, free half page ad linked to your web address and a certificate with an emblem for your professional or personal use.

Types of articles you maybe interested in submitting:

  • Tutorials based on any metal or glass clay
  • Mixed media tutorials which includes metal clay
  • Art as a business
  • Book or product reviews
  • Be a guest Blogger
  • Make a recommendation

Articles and Proposals should be sent to

Submit your artist’s biography and a current photograph of yourself with your article. Please send photos as pdfs, tiffs or jpegs, and include any photo captions or credits if needed. All photographs submitted should be a minimum of 4x6 300 ppi. Include your contact information including mailing address and phone. Only contact information to be included in the article and website will be your website, email and other online destinations.

Metal Clay Today publishing schedule:
Spring Issue: March
Summer Issue: June
Fall Issue: September
Winter Issue: December

Dates for Article Submissions:
Spring Issue: February 1
Summer Issue: May 1
Fall Issue: August 1
Winter Issue: November 1

Step-by-Step Tutorials

  • There are no limitations on the types and brands of metal clay used.
  • Articles should be submitted as Word or Word Perfect documents using a Times New Roman or Arial font, 10 or 12 pt with only one space between sentences. If prepared on a MAC please save as a word document.
  • State all materials and sources used within the tutorial at the beginning of your article.
  • All photographs should be taken using a landscape (horizontal) format, without altering the position of the camera if possible. Items show up best on a plain light background. Be sure to turn off the auto date on your camera. Do not crop photos. Photo formats should be stand-alone pdfs, tiffs, or jpgs, 300 ppi and a minimum of 4”x 6”.
  • When submitting a tutorial, It is vital to connect each photo to the text that describes it. Please number each step and use that number in the name of the corresponding photo.
  • A glamour shot of the finished project should be submitted with the article.
  • To send your photos, article and bio to Metal Clay Today, we recommend ‘Dropbox’, a free program for file sharing.
  • A video or link to a video which demonstrates your technique for inclusion in the article is an option.

We would like to receive your article at least 6 weeks before the magazine comes out. This gives us time for all of the things that happen behind the scenes. We try to stay flexible and will work with you, should you need additional time.

As a contributing artist, you should be aware that our readers are encouraged to use and share any information contained within the magazine. Our subscribers are also reminded to respect your intellectual property and copyrights.

Important Editors Note: 
All submissions must be the original intellectual property of the writer. If you submit an article for publication, we assume you are giving us the exclusive rights to publish it. All materials submitted remain your property and may be shared with family, friends and students, however, we request you refrain from publishing it online in any form.

Occassionally, articles, step-by-steps are edited for space or grammar consideration.

We’re hopeful that you will become a part of this ever-growing list of contributing artists. Contact us with your questions, concerns or for specifications regarding submissions, such as length, format, etc.