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Dear Metal Clay Friends,

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Here at Metal Clay Today, we’ve gone enamel crazy! To encourage you to join in the fun, we’re offering a new contest, Enameling on Metal Clay. You’ll find all the details in this issue.

For inspiration, we have two enameling tutorials in this issue from contributors Marianne Goodell and Colleen White.

One of the difficulties we ran into when producing the enamel articles was the way light causes glare on the shiny enamels. In a good case of serendipity, photographer Steve Rossman’s column is all about managing glare. If you’re entering the contest, you’ll want to read Steve’s column carefully!

We’re also showcasing some great new products with our columns and tutorials. Trish Jeffers-Zeh checks out the new Five Star Bronze clay, Carrie Story gives us tips on using Clay Revolution’s new Master Series sculpting tools, Jude Goswell tries out Aussie Metal Clay Superflex Bronze with the Cricut Air, and Jennifer Gastelum explores EnCapture Concrete with a friend.

If you’re traveling this summer, you’ll find some great tips on taking your tools along in Kim Landolt’s Metal Clay Bliss Table of Contents page 2column. And while you’re gone, use Tes Shea’s tips on social media scheduling tools to keep your media presence active.

Last, but not least, meet our featured artist, Donna Penoyer, “The Whistle Lady.” Donna is known for her whistles, but you’ll learn that she has a lot of other great ideas!

Happy Summer!



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